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About Willie Washer

Centrally located in Elk Grove Village, Illinois, Willie Washer is a family owned domestic manufacturer of special washers, stampings, and machined parts.  There really is a Willie by the way. It’s not just a catchy name. Willie (William L.) Neumann founded the company back in 1972 with the goal to be the finest provider of special washers and stampings to the fastener industry. Quite a goal for a man with two punch presses, and a 3500 square foot building. Willie brought his extensive knowledge of tooling and equipment to this endeavor, and an entrepreneurial spirit. These traits combined with a willingness to invest in the equipment and people needed to do the job have helped him achieve his goal.


Today Willie Washer employs over 100 people in a 140,000 square foot computer networked manufacturing facility.  The shop houses over 40 presses with stamping power ranging from a few tons to 400 tons. These presses are fed from a warehouse containing over 6,000,000 pounds of raw material, and a self-contained tooling department with the latest in EDM and CNC equipment.  You will also find a laser department that cuts up to a 1/2 inch thick, and CNC Machining Centers that produce spacers up to 3 inches in diameter.


When we say computer networked we mean it. Computers are everywhere for better customer service and process control.  They are not just in sales, order processing and inventory control.  They are in the tool room, out by the punch presses, in the raw material areas and in final inspection.  Your orders are tracked from start to finish, to ensure that you receive the best washers made.


Willie Washer has grown in size and technology, but it still has that friendly feeling of a family owned business. Our sales people are trained with service in mind.  The goal is to satisfy every customer no matter how big or small. You can always get quick answers from the sales staff on quotations, and order status, and with 40,000 different washers in stock the answers are usually what you want to hear.


The family feel is sure to continue with three of Willie’s children now in key management roles. Diane, the oldest of four, heads the accounting department, Jim  (actually William, but there are too many Willies around) is the Director of Operations, and Peter, the youngest, is the Quality Assurance Manager.  The family is supported by scores of employees that have worked to make the company grow, a number of which have been part of the ”Willie Washer Family “ for over twenty years.  Together with the dedication of the family and the employees, Willie Washer will continue to satisfy its customers, and be a home to its employees.



Willie Washer Manufacturing Corporation

2101 Greenleaf Avenue

Elk Grove Village, IL  60007 USA

(847) 956-1344


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